Amazing performance of Kyoko Takezawa at the Filarmonico and of the Filarmonica del Festival directed by Alessandro Bonato

On 30th January, the Filarmonica del Festival pianistico di Brescia e Bergamo, an orchestra of talented young virtuosos, it shows its skills with a musical performance at the highest level, rightly and warmly applauded and appreciated by the audience of the Teatro Filarmonico.

The violinist Kyoko Takezawa was amazing, and enchanted the audience with her Guadagnini and through the extraordinary interpretation and execution of the famous violin concert and orchestra of L.v.Beethoven.

Also the young conductor Alessandro Bonato was particularly appreciated: he led the orchestra in the performance of the pieces through a meticulous attention to detail, dynamics and phrasing, delivering a fresh and exciting show to the public.

The evening’s program included two masterpieces of F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Ouverture le ” Ebridi ” and symphony n. 3 ” La Scozzese ”), interspersed by the famous violin and orchestra concert of L. v. Beethoven.

The repertoire, with known technical and virtuosic difficulties, both for the orchestra and for the soloist, was performed by every musician with a freshness that allowed the performance to deliver a continuous flow of emotions to the audience in the room.

Filarmonica del Festival was supported by Maestro Alessandro Milani (first viollin of the Orchestra sinfonica nazionale della Rai di Torino), who, thanks to his well-known experience and musicality, was able to direct the young musicians of the orchestra in creating a unique identity of sound perfection and timbre clarity.

The entire proceeds of the evening were donated to the association A.B.E.O. Onlus of Verona, the only organization of the city that supports children suffering from solid tumors and leukemia. The aim of the evening was indeed to help the aforementioned association with he renovation of Villa Fantelli, a Liberty-style villa that will become the new Abeo HOUSE and will welcome the families.

Anyone who wishes to show themselves close to the association and help them as much as possible, can donate 5 PER MILLE, or make a donation to:

IBAN IT 82 Y 05034 11705 000000000913

c/c Postale n 71544779