Alessandro Bonato will conduct in memory of the victims of Piazza della Loggia in Brescia

After his debut in Verona at to the Teatro Filarmonico, Alessandro Bonato will lead once again the Filarmonica del Festival for a concert in memory of the victims of the Piazza della Loggia bombing in Brescia.

He will be present at one of the most important events of Europe, as well as the most important Festival pianistico in the world, which hosts every year musicians of international renown, such as: Grigorij Sokolov, Mikhail Pletnev, Uto Ughi, Salvatore Accardo, Yuri Temirkanov, Yuja Wang, etc.

The concert will take place in the beautiful church of San Francesco on Saturday 27th May at 21.00 (Brescia), with the Filarmonica del Festival and also the young violin prodigy Gennaro Cardaropoli, who will play one of the violin masterpieces: the famous Concert for violin and orchestra op.61 of L.v. Beethoven.

The 54th edition of the Festival (in 2017) will be dedicated to two figures that have deeply marked the history of XIX century: L. v. Beethoven and Napoleone Bonaparte.

The composer had such a strong admiration for the great politician and french military leader, that he dedicated in 1803, his “Third Symphony”, whose original title was: Sinfonia Bonaparte.

It is said that, after that Napoleon proclaimed himself emperor and the coup d’etat he carried out, Beethoven tore the original first page of the original symphony and changed the title to in Symphony “Eroic”.

In this new title of Beethoven’s masterpiece it is possible to find the same idealist principle that was at the base of the great composer’s thought: this period of his life, that began with the writing of this third symphony and ended approximately with the accomplishment of the eighth, was defined “Heroic” period, during which the musical genius was able express itself at his its best, highlighting that desire to change and demolish the superstructures previously created.

Therefore Beethoven, just like the French alter ego Napoleone Bonaparte, it was not only an idealist, but also a politically active man of his time: he was indeed friend and confidant, as well as piano teacher of one the the most important monarch of his time and his opinion was strongly influential.

Unlike the genius Mozart who preceded him, Beethoven was very famous and respected while he was alive, despite the progression of his deafness (which began when the composer was in his early thirties and got to completion when he was just over 40), he became very hostile and misanthropic.

This year’s Festival gives to all of those who want to appreciate its content, this fantastic combination of two personalities that are as different as they are close to each other.

Below the press conference for the presentation of the 2017 season, held in Bergamo on 21st December 2016, chaired by the artistic director Maestro Pier Carlo Orizio.